Nearly 5 percent of Madison students opt out of new Common Core state test : Wsj

When Brad Werntz’s daughter Emma was in fourth grade about a decade ago, she took about two standardized tests during the school year.

Now, his younger son John-Pio and daughter Misa are enrolled in fourth and fifth grade, and Werntz describes their school years as a “completely different experience.”

“In roughly the 10 years since our eldest was in these same grades, we’ve seen a radical change,” Werntz said. “It seems like they’re getting tested at least once a month.”

This school year, the state mandates 12 tests for students across various grade levels. In addition, the Madison School District administers one test multiple times a year to measure growth. Ten years ago, there were many fewer state-mandated tests, according to the Department of Public Instruction.

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