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Common Core Made To Fail Special Needs Students

The Common Core Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium test is intentionally designed to ensure that the vast majority of students are deemed failures.  [The Common Core PARCC test is no better]

According to SBAC’s own official policy, the Common Core SBAC test is designed so that almost 7 in 10 children who take the “mandatory” test fail to reach “goal” in math and about 6 in 10 are deemed failures in English Language Arts.

Making the Common Core SBAC test even more inappropriate is that the fact that the 2014 SBAC Field Test results prove that the test discriminates against students who come from poor households, students who are not proficient in the English Language (English Language Learners) and students who need special education services.

Perhaps the most outrageous reality of all is that the Common Core SBAC test is rigged to ensure that the almost all students who require special education services are deemed to be failures.

Jon Pelto: Common Core Test Designed to Fail Most Students.

South Dakota: Common Core is an Epic Fail

Yet another state may ax Common Core this week, when the South Dakota House of Representatives votes Tuesday to remove the educational standards from public schools.

Conservatives turned on Common Core – a set of national education standards encouraged by the Obama administration and passed with bipartisan support by 43 states and the District of Columbia – during implementation, criticizing it as a federal takeover of public education.

Now, as testing slowly begins with brand new curricula designed to meet the standards, conservatives’ ire has doubled. Oklahoma, Indiana, and North Carolina voted in 2014 to repeal and remove the Core; others have renamed the Core to try to defuse the hot button issue, and more than a dozen states have considered or are in the process of considering a review or repeal.

Common Core really sucks! Read more here.

Fourth Grader Tells School Board: Common Core PARCC Test Stinks!

Elizabeth Blaine, 10, stunned members of the Montclair, New Jersey, school board when she dismantled Common Core testing and supported a policy that would allow students to opt out.

The Common Core State Standards Initiative is an educational practice that lists what students should know by the end of every academic year. The intention was to standardize English, language arts and mathematics education.

Elizabeth, who is in fourth grade, was due to take the Common Core test known as PARCC (Partnership for the Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers) later this year. At the Montclair school board meeting on Monday night, a measure to allow students to opt out of PARCC was introduced.

 Common Core Sucks! Read more here.

Common Core Stinks: Elementary Student Opts-Out

At a New Jersey Board of Education meeting, 10-year-old Elizabeth Blaine took the mic and gave a speech in such a well-spoken way that it blew the adults in the room away.

The meeting was set to discuss allowing an opt-out option for parents who had children in a school using the PARCC. The PARCC, or Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers, is an exam that is part of the Common Core curriculum.

“I love to read. I love to write. I love to do math, but I don’t love the PARCC. Why? Because it stinks.” Common Core really stinks. Read more here.

Does Common Core really mean teachers should teach differently?

Strategy and curriculum are intimately connected. You cannot make extreme changes to curriculum and then be shocked that the methodology also changes.

This is yet another example of “unintended consequences” … politicians strive for simple, one-sized-fits-all answers to complex problems (and sometimes problems that never even existed) that then start to cause even bigger problems.

In some parts of the country, we have improved education while worsening it in others. Now we have a whole generation of kids who despise learning and hate education. We have not only driven teachers away from the profession, but have assured that students don’t enter the profession at all. Tennessee and Connecticut are already starting to change course … I hope other states take their lead. Common Core really sucks. Read more here.

Teachers Resign En Masse Over Common Core and Standardized Testing Overkill

OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. — More than 20 teachers have resigned or decided to retire from the Osceola County School District in just the past month — and the district already had a shortage with more than 50 vacant teaching jobs. The teachers’ union told Channel 9’s Deneige Broom that some of them quit because they’re fed up with standardized testing. At Kissimmee Elementary, they need to fill two spots. At the nearby middle school, three spots are open. The union president believes many of the now vacant spots are because of testing. he education association’s latest fight should concern parents, too. “Ultimately, the problem that we’re having now is the quality of education that our students is getting is not what it should be,” said Jackson with the Osceola County Education Association. Common Core really stinks. Read more here.

Common Core Makes Kids Want to Puke, Literally!

Anxiety attacks. Bursting into tears. Vomiting. Headaches. Self-mutilation.

Sounds like someone suffering from any of a few mental disorders, but this list of symptoms is coming from a clinical social worker and psychologist in New York state. These symptoms are being displayed by children and the cause is Common Core. Common Core really stinks. Read more here.

Growing National Outcry Against Standardized Testing

Seattle teacher Jesse Hagopian believes the growing national outcry against standardized testing will improve education and empower students.

If you’re not in some way involved with public schools, you may not be aware of the explosion of standardized testing in schools over the past 10 years. Preparing for and taking these tests has significantly affected teaching and learning on all levels in classrooms across the country.

Jesse Hagopian, a history teacher at Seattle’s Garfield High School, has emerged as one of the leaders in what he calls a civil rights movement of this time: The growing unrest against high-stakes standardized testing in public schools. As editor of the new book “More Than a Score:  The New Uprising Against High-Stakes Testing” (Haymarket Books, $16), Hagopian brings together the voices of teachers, administrators, students and parents who resist the use of standardized tests, which they believe create an atmosphere of winners and losers. That’s because federal school funding gets tied to test scores; schools that don’t improve test scores are closed or sanctioned; teachers are assessed on the “value” they’ve added to their students, based on a complicated statistical formula; and students are denied graduation if they don’t pass certain tests. Common Core really stinks, Read more here.

Opt Out Everywhere: Common Core Standardized Testing Epic Fail

Gainesville kindergarten teacher Susan Bowles doesn’t quite fit the mold of a rabble-rouser. “I’m such a rule-following, non-activist type,” she tells me. “I hate speaking to anyone above the age of seven.”

But with the onset of a Florida law mandating that every kindergartener grind out a lengthy computer-based standardized test in the first month of school, Bowles began speaking out widely. New test-based teacher evaluations meant kids with little or no experience using computers or even taking exams were expected to post valid scores. “[The kids] didn’t care if they got it right or wrong,” says Bowles. “It wasn’t going to yield productive results.”

Moreover, Bowles estimated, the tests would gobble up six weeks of valuable instructional time. She wanted to forgo the tests, but school administrators warned that such an act of civil disobedience could get her sacked for insubordination. A 26-year teaching veteran, Bowles lost sleep over what to do. A verse from the Book of Esther echoed in her head, reminding her of her responsibility to act: “And who knows but that you have come to your…position for such a time as this?” Common Core really stinks. Read more here.