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Common Core Standards Dead in South Carolina

Columbia, SC (WLTX) The South Carolina Board of Education voted unanimously Wednesday afternoon to replace the Common Core Standards now being used in math and English, killing Common Core in the state. The board adopted new standards, written by teams of South Carolinians, which teachers will start using this fall.

Common Core has been controversial here and across the country.

Critics say the Common Core Standards were a federal takeover of state schools, even though it was state governors who decided to put the standards together.

The idea for them was that, with each state having its own standards, it was impossible to tell whether South Carolina students were learning the same things and being held to the same standards as those in Georgia or California.

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Common Core Fail in Kansas

House committee takes up sweeping anti-standards legislation

A parade of advocates on Monday demanded the House Education Committee stand against tyranny by uprooting K-12 student performance standards adopted by the Kansas State Board of Education.

Opponents of House Bill 2292 lined up to argue the repeal legislation would destroy Kansas College and Career Ready Standards in place since 2010, while also devouring standards related to college admission tests, advanced placement courses and an array of academic elements outside Common Core’s realm.

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Dump or Keep the Common Core?

It’s shaping up to be an interesting year for the Common Core, barely five years after 45 governors embraced it. A few states have already repealed the new math and reading standards. Others are pushing ahead with new tests, curriculum and teaching methods aligned to the Core. And in some states, its future hangs in the balance. North Carolina is one of them.It was one of the first states that quietly adopted the Common Core, and it moved quickly to put the standards in place.

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Fourth Grader Tells School Board: Common Core PARCC Test Stinks!

Elizabeth Blaine, 10, stunned members of the Montclair, New Jersey, school board when she dismantled Common Core testing and supported a policy that would allow students to opt out.

The Common Core State Standards Initiative is an educational practice that lists what students should know by the end of every academic year. The intention was to standardize English, language arts and mathematics education.

Elizabeth, who is in fourth grade, was due to take the Common Core test known as PARCC (Partnership for the Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers) later this year. At the Montclair school board meeting on Monday night, a measure to allow students to opt out of PARCC was introduced.

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Opt Out Everywhere: Common Core Standardized Testing Epic Fail

Gainesville kindergarten teacher Susan Bowles doesn’t quite fit the mold of a rabble-rouser. “I’m such a rule-following, non-activist type,” she tells me. “I hate speaking to anyone above the age of seven.”

But with the onset of a Florida law mandating that every kindergartener grind out a lengthy computer-based standardized test in the first month of school, Bowles began speaking out widely. New test-based teacher evaluations meant kids with little or no experience using computers or even taking exams were expected to post valid scores. “[The kids] didn’t care if they got it right or wrong,” says Bowles. “It wasn’t going to yield productive results.”

Moreover, Bowles estimated, the tests would gobble up six weeks of valuable instructional time. She wanted to forgo the tests, but school administrators warned that such an act of civil disobedience could get her sacked for insubordination. A 26-year teaching veteran, Bowles lost sleep over what to do. A verse from the Book of Esther echoed in her head, reminding her of her responsibility to act: “And who knows but that you have come to your…position for such a time as this?” Common Core really stinks. Read more here.

Senator Turns Against Common Core

Republican Sen. David Vitter, currently running for governor of Louisiana, has made waves by turning against the Common Core standards he defended just months ago.

“After listening to literally thousands of parents, teachers, and others since then, I don’t believe that we can achieve that Louisiana control, buy-in and success I’m committed to if we stay in Common Core,” Vitter said in an email to supporters of his gubernatorial run. Common Core really stinks! Read more here.

Educrats Scrap Instruction for Common Core Test Prep

Here’s a new twist on test prep: Get rid of midterms and finals (tests presumably made by teachers). Say that you are doing it to find more “instructional time.” Then use that “instructional time” to “instruct” students in how to take a new Common Core standardized test.

That is what is happening at a number of schools in New Jersey, including Glen Ridge High School, where, according to the Glen Ridge Voicet, Principal Dirk Phillips sent home a letter to parents explaining the shift and told the Board of Education that the school feared that it would not have enough time to properly prepare students for the PARCC Common Core test. Common Core really stinks. Read more here.

Anti-Common Core State Superintendent Under Attack

Common Core supporters have organized a coalition in Arizona to recall newly elected state school superintendent Diane Douglas, who ran primarily an anti-Common Core campaign.
According to Capitol Media Services, the Coalition to Recall Diane Douglas has filed with the Arizona Secretary of State’s office. Maxwell Goshert, the group’s treasurer, said he predicts this initial step will ultimately lead to Douglas’ ouster within a year.
Nevertheless, Douglas must be in office for six months prior to recall signature collection. The state’s constitution also requires the coalition to collect the signatures of 25 percent of the people who voted in the most recent gubernatorial election to permit a recall vote, or, approximately 367,000 signatures. Common Core really stinks. Read more here.

Parents, legislators push back against Common Core

New standardized tests under the Common Core education initiative aren’t scheduled until spring, but backlash from parents and educators is in full force this fall. And the debate is moving into the state legislatures.

States’ adoption of the Common Core State Standards Initiative, a set of K-12 learning standards designed to measure students’ college and career readiness, has been met with resistance. Common Core really stinks. Read more here.