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“It Sucks! “:100 Year-Old Teacher Crushes Common Core

At 100 years old, Madeline Scotto knows a thing about teaching. She’s been doing it for decades and still teaches at the school she graduated from in 1928. Scotto, who teaches math, recently sat down with Business Insider to share some of her complaints about Common Core.

“They’re making it more complicated as far as I’m concerned…four and four is eight!” Scotto said.

“It doesn’t go by the name of the method, it goes by what does well. Try and find the one that is reaching the most number of people in the easiest way,” she added. Common Core really sucks! Read more here.

The Dog Ate My Common Core Homework

Common Core math has been the discussion of many frustrated parents and the cause of many shed tears over homework. More than one post from an angry parent has made its way to the internet over a difficult or impossible homework assignment. These rants are not limited to those who are under-educated, in fact, several have been posted by parents who hold advanced degrees in one of the STEM fields. Yet, Common Core advocates have decided the fix for these woes is to have parents go back to school to learn how to help their elementary kids with their homework. Seems logical… Read more here.