Nearly 5 percent of Madison students opt out of new Common Core state test : Wsj

When Brad Werntz’s daughter Emma was in fourth grade about a decade ago, she took about two standardized tests during the school year.

Now, his younger son John-Pio and daughter Misa are enrolled in fourth and fifth grade, and Werntz describes their school years as a “completely different experience.”

“In roughly the 10 years since our eldest was in these same grades, we’ve seen a radical change,” Werntz said. “It seems like they’re getting tested at least once a month.”

This school year, the state mandates 12 tests for students across various grade levels. In addition, the Madison School District administers one test multiple times a year to measure growth. Ten years ago, there were many fewer state-mandated tests, according to the Department of Public Instruction.

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Fail: College Students Try On Common Core Math

Hundreds of high school students in the greater-Seattle area are protesting a new Common Core-aligned standardized test, prompting one local reporter to ask college students to complete math questions from the controversial education standard.

Common Core Standards Dead in South Carolina

Columbia, SC (WLTX) The South Carolina Board of Education voted unanimously Wednesday afternoon to replace the Common Core Standards now being used in math and English, killing Common Core in the state. The board adopted new standards, written by teams of South Carolinians, which teachers will start using this fall.

Common Core has been controversial here and across the country.

Critics say the Common Core Standards were a federal takeover of state schools, even though it was state governors who decided to put the standards together.

The idea for them was that, with each state having its own standards, it was impossible to tell whether South Carolina students were learning the same things and being held to the same standards as those in Georgia or California.

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Common Core Made To Fail Special Needs Students

The Common Core Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium test is intentionally designed to ensure that the vast majority of students are deemed failures.  [The Common Core PARCC test is no better]

According to SBAC’s own official policy, the Common Core SBAC test is designed so that almost 7 in 10 children who take the “mandatory” test fail to reach “goal” in math and about 6 in 10 are deemed failures in English Language Arts.

Making the Common Core SBAC test even more inappropriate is that the fact that the 2014 SBAC Field Test results prove that the test discriminates against students who come from poor households, students who are not proficient in the English Language (English Language Learners) and students who need special education services.

Perhaps the most outrageous reality of all is that the Common Core SBAC test is rigged to ensure that the almost all students who require special education services are deemed to be failures.

Jon Pelto: Common Core Test Designed to Fail Most Students.

Evidence of all that sucks regarding Common Core Standards K-12