Growing National Outcry Against Standardized Testing

Seattle teacher Jesse Hagopian believes the growing national outcry against standardized testing will improve education and empower students.

If you’re not in some way involved with public schools, you may not be aware of the explosion of standardized testing in schools over the past 10 years. Preparing for and taking these tests has significantly affected teaching and learning on all levels in classrooms across the country.

Jesse Hagopian, a history teacher at Seattle’s Garfield High School, has emerged as one of the leaders in what he calls a civil rights movement of this time: The growing unrest against high-stakes standardized testing in public schools. As editor of the new book “More Than a Score:  The New Uprising Against High-Stakes Testing” (Haymarket Books, $16), Hagopian brings together the voices of teachers, administrators, students and parents who resist the use of standardized tests, which they believe create an atmosphere of winners and losers. That’s because federal school funding gets tied to test scores; schools that don’t improve test scores are closed or sanctioned; teachers are assessed on the “value” they’ve added to their students, based on a complicated statistical formula; and students are denied graduation if they don’t pass certain tests. Common Core really stinks, Read more here.

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